Plan to Eat Well – Step Two

How many dinners a week do you already plan ahead?  Could you see yourself planning for one more dinner than you currently manage?  Start this week, and once that becomes easy, add an extra planned dinner per week.

Take small steps like this, gradually build on them, and in the long term, you will find that you are able to enjoy five dinners per week, without feeling burdened by the planning. Why five?  Because we all need wiggle room.  We need to be able to spontaneously accept an invitation, or to finish unanticipated leftovers so they don’t go to waste.

As you consider your calendar for the week, and the dinner meals you want to make,  it’s important to think of which meals have the most perishable ingredients, and to plan to eat those early in the week.  For example, fresh fish should be eaten the day you buy it, and ground meats within a day or two, whereas solid cuts of meat, tofu, eggs and legumes will stay in good shape until the end of your week.

The same goes for vegetables.  Eat those perfect green beans, that crisp, fresh spinach and those firm, snowy mushrooms early in the week, knowing that the squash family, cabbages and all the root vegetables will still be perfect if refrigerated for a week.

Gradually increasing the number of planned meals you eat per week will help you eat more nutritiously at a lower cost, and it will reduce stress in you life. Can you take the next step today?