Mint – a homegrown way to calm digestion

Mint has calming properties for the digestive tract.  If you suffer from IBS symptoms, consider making mint tea your drink of choice throughout the day.  In winter, mint tea is good hot and in summer it’s just as good as an iced tea, with a squeeze of lemon.  While mint tea bags are easy to find, it’s also a breeze to make your own, and it tastes so much better.

Any time you have extra fresh mint from the garden, or from the store, you can spread it in one layer on a wire rack and put the rack  on top of the fridge for a few days.  The heat there is perfect for drying herbs.  Once the mint is dry, strip the leaves off the stems. Place the leaves in a glass jar with a well fitting lid.  Keep your dried mint leaves in a dark place.

When you are ready to make tea, put about 1 Tbsp per cup in a tea infuser and cover with boiling water.  Leave the mint leaves to steep until the tea is the strength you like.  If you are following the elimination phase of the FODMAPS diet, sweeten your tea with maple syrup or sugar, rather than honey.