Sourdough pasta is delicious – and low FODMAPs!

Pasta can be the basis of a quick and satisfying dinner at the end of a busy day.  So for some people, not being able to eat their familiar wheat-based pasta has made it harder to follow the elimination phase of the FODMAPs diet.

In the past, I have recommended substituting with the best of the gluten-free pastas like Rummo corn and brown rice, or Catelli’s rice, corn and quinoa.  Even though these are great tasting, they really aren’t the same as normal wheat pasta.

Now, I’m delighted to be able to recommend sourdough pasta instead.  Monash have recently added it to their app, with a 125 gm serving of uncooked  fermented pasta being low FODMAPs. That’s a generous serving; nearly a quarter of a typical 500 gm bag of pasta.  I’ve found Kaslo Sourdough’s Pasta Fermentata here in Vancouver and when I cooked it for my family, nobody noticed a flavour difference.

With a quick tomato basil sauce made with garlic infused olive oil, a handful of tender greens and a heavy shower of fresh grated Parmesan cheese, the comfort of a familiar quick pasta dinner can still be yours during the elimination phase of the FODMAPs diet.